There are many benefits of listing your land on Rōmr and making it available to outdoor enthusiasts:

  • Earn additional revenue and diversify income from your land by hosting relatively low-impact recreational uses that are often compatible with other land uses - you decide which uses to allow, and what rules apply.

  • With people visiting your land more often, you actually reduce the chances of vandalism and trespassing.  This is because guests are bound by our terms of use and your rules (as well as ratings by other owners) to be good stewards of your property and look out for anything out of the ordinary.

  • We have a team of professionals that will help improve your land for use by Rōmrs.  We can also help you find additional revenue opportunities for your land outside of recreation and Rōmr use through our network of land management partners.

  • You will join an emerging marketplace of private landowners who are earning income and improving the value and quality of their land by permitting temporary recreational access to their land.  By offering a more personalized, exclusive alternative to public lands, private landowners can claim a share of the lucrative recreation marketplace.

  • By listing on Rōmr, you are increasing opportunities for your community to connect more closely to nature, placing a greater value on amazing natural land - like yours.