Rōmr Inc.


I, the undersigned, in consideration for allowing me (herein referred to as “I”, “me” or “Guest”, and

inclusive of any minors under my supervision who accompany on any Activities), having signed this

agreement concerning my access to certain lands, and in consideration for allowing me to engage in

activities which may include, without limitation, walking, hunting, fishing, hiking, biological surveying, or

any other outdoor work/recreational activity (herein “Activities”) upon the land (herein “the Property”)

associated with RŌMR, Inc., agree to release and hold harmless the Property owner, RŌMR, Inc., and

their affiliates, investors, members, other guests or invitees, board members, officers, agents,

employees and contractors (herein jointly and individually referred to as the "Owner/Manager") from all

liability for any injury to me and/or any of my personal property, regardless of the severity or manner in

which the injury is sustained on the Property. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the

Owner/Manager, including reasonable attorney fees and the cost of maintaining a defense, from and

against any claim, loss, cost or damage whatsoever caused by or arising from, directly or indirectly, the

operations, actions or omissions of the Guest, my assignees, invitees, permitees, or guests on the

Property or failure of the Guest, his assignees, invitees, permitees, or guests to comply with any of the

conditions of any agreement concerning entry onto the Property against any loss and liabilities arising

from my injuries, injuries to others, or damage to personal property or the Property sustained or caused

by me while on the Property.

I acknowledge that the Owner/Manager has warned me that there are dangers on the Property

including, without limitation, unstable terrain, falling trees and rocks, wildlife, bodies of water, and old

and unsound structures, and I accept this danger, knowing that it can cause serious injury to my person

or property, or even death. I am aware that injuries, death and personal property damage can result

from simply being on the Property, including, without limitation, my actions such as hunting, walking,

tripping, stumbling, falling, slipping, swimming, zip lining, and climbing, due to my own negligence or

lack of skill or the negligence or lack of skill of others in moving or observing variations in terrain or

weather conditions found on the Property. Also, I am aware injuries, death and personal property

damage can result from insects, like ticks and spiders, and from wild and domestic animals, like snakes

and bears, that are found on the Property. I will not hold the Owner/Manager responsible for any injury

or damage I sustain from anything mentioned above because I fully agree that I am aware of the

potential risks, both natural and manmade, which are associated with or incidental to Activities on the


I understand the Property may be in use for hunting by a hunt club. I am aware that hunting and

shooting guns and bows is very dangerous and is a hazardous sport that contains inherent risks,

including, but not limited to, the risk of personal injury, including catastrophic injury, death, or personal

property damage. If I sustain injury or loss while on the Property resulting from gunfire, arrows or other

projectiles (herein “Hunting Activity”), whether fired by myself, another Guest, or a trespasser, I agree

to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Owner/Manager from all liability. If I am injured by Hunting

Activity, I will confine my damage recovery action to the individual that shot the bullet, arrow or


I understand that I am voluntarily giving up important rights by contractually agreeing to not sue or

make any claims against the Owner/Manager. I understand there are many other places where I am free

to walk, work, hunt, fish, survey, shoot, hike, etcetera, where I would not be required to sign this

Agreement, but I have freely chosen to engage in Activities on this Property where this Agreement is


I also agree that I have the right to seek an attorney's opinion before signing this Agreement, and if I

have not done so, it is because I have chosen not to do so and knowingly and willingly assume any and

all risks associated with the Activities, whether foreseeable or not. Nothing has been said to me verbally,

in writing, or implied in any way, that an attorney's counsel is not necessary or even advisable. I

understand that attorneys should be consulted before contracts are signed, and I understand that this is

a contract.

I have completely read this Agreement, I understand it thoroughly, and I fully agree with its content and

understand the warning regarding potential hazards which may result from my Activities upon the