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Shakori Hills Grounds


Pittsboro, NC


Shakori Hills is the 72 acre location of the legendary Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance and the Hoppin’ John Fiddlers' Convention. When not in use for its festivals and workshops, the grounds are maintained by the non-profit’s staff and volunteers in anticipation of musicians looking to practice on the area's outdoor stage, campers seeking unimaginable exclusivity in this natural playground and drone flyers zipping through trees, wooden buildings, and acres of field. Come enjoy the most dynamic outdoor complex for miles around. And have it all to yourself. 

Shakori Hills Passive Pleasures
from 10.00

Any passive activity, day or night, at Shakori Hills. $10/person.

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Shakori Hills Camping
from 35.00

Pitch your tent and embrace freedom on 72 acres of world-famous festival grounds.

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