Hollow Rock Bluffs

Are you looking for a taste of heaven where you can stretch out your legs, breath in the fresh air while listening to the sounds of a slow moving creek? Welcome to Hollow Rock Bluffs!  Hike all day and then rest comfortably by a campfire as you drift off to sleep above (or beside) the creek near the Hollow Rock Bluffs on New Hope Creek?   Our unique location gives our visitors a wonderful nature-filled experience just 10 minutes from Downtown Durham with access to miles of trails to explore at the Duke Forest.

Hollow Rock Bluffs Passive Pleasures
from 5.00

Any passive activity between 9am-9pm.

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Hollow Rock Bluffs Camping
from 25.00

Pitch your tent anywhere on this 8 acre property adjacent to Duke Forest. Fish and hang out on the property, then hop over the creek with access to the full Duke Forest. 

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