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Flyway Farms is home to some of the most historically unique and beautiful land on the eastern coastline. With a stunning home built in 1920 by the then-editor of the New York Times, Flyway Farms provides opportunities for true solitude, relaxation, and connection with nature. Next door to the Mackay Island Wildlife Preserve, the nature and waterfowl is the most diverse in the region. Just 20 minutes from Virginia Beach, it's the perfect reclusive campout for days of hanging in the city!

Located on the water and facing west, the sunset alone provides an unimaginably unique experience. Kayak out from the pier to watch the sun set in spectacular fashion, or relax in a recliner to get the view from the coast. Reserve it to camp overnight, or for a day of kayaking, photography, tennis, hiking, swimming, large events, and more!

Flyway Farms Passive Pleasures
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Kayaking, tennis, fishing, cookouts and more!

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Flyway Farms Camping
from 35.00

Enjoy your campout facing west over the water as the sun sets. 

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Flyway Farms Photography

Permits access to Flyway for photographer and all guests for up to 8 hours. 

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