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The Cozy Log Cabin has been the home of proud owner Mark'O for over 40 years. Throughout those decades, he has worked to turn it into a haven for the creative and adventurous alike. Hundreds of musicians have played on his stage or recorded in his studio. Thousands of others have come intrigued and left inspired from the festivals, parties, and weddings hosted at Cozy Log. Come fish a 3 acre lake from the shore or a canoe, bring your dog out to run off leash, come fly your drone, or enjoy the outdoors in any other nonmotorized way imaginable. Enjoy camping in a tent, under a teepee, in a luxury bus (lovingly referred to as the "Helluva Bus") or a one of a kind cozy log cabin, the namesake of the property.

Cozy Log Passive Pleasures
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Any passive activity, day or night, at Cozy Log.

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Cozy Log Camping
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Pitch your tent anywhere on this magical 9 acre getaway. Enjoy fishing, great stages, and proximity to downtown Pittsboro.

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Cozy Log Cabin
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Beautiful cabin on 9 acres. 1 king bed, 1 queen bed, 1 futon. Full kitchen, 2 bathrooms.

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