Rōmr allows landowners to earn extra money by granting access to their land for approved recreation activities. Rōmr helps you get more out of your land - with greater protection and control than you have now.

This land is your land

You call the shots. Set the price, permitted activities, availability, and reservation requirements for your listing. Your land can only be accessed through reservations that you approve, with the rules you set. No Rōmr activity on Saturday? Done. No use of the driveway? Post it, and it's off-limits. Rōmrs are guests and are required to play by the rules - ours and yours.

Earn money as a Rōmr host

Creating a land listing on Rōmr is free, and we only keep a small portion of the fees you collect from visitors and events.   Even if you have an existing hunt lease on your property, we can help you incorporate Rōmr activities and income into your current agreement, helping you to earn additional revenue in the off-season from a variety of compatible uses approved by you and your lessees.

We've got you covered

As part of Rōmr's standard registration process, all guests execute a liability waiver each time they check-in. And Rōmr's unique insurance platform provides additional protection for both you and the Rōmr during their visit. View our liability waiver here.

We're here to help

We are here, and happy to hear your thoughts and provide you with support. We also have a network of land improvement and management partners who can help you make your property more attractive to recreational visitors - from signage to trail design to ecological improvements. Questions? Let us know!